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Well, I'm Talc :)

I'm a severley lazy person who does nothing but read, draw, eat, sleep and run 8DD;; Okay, so I'm not THAT lazy, but I do tend to procrastinate. XP;; I like being a happy person, and I say "Blah" a LOT. I stink at writing awesome stories, but I still attempt a page or two. Usually, I spend my class time drawing in my assignment book, which in my severe boredom, has produced some of the best traditional art I've ever done o____0;; Go figure~

You may see my art on here, depending on my mood or something, sooo yay!! :D I'll try to post, but it'll depend~ :3

P.S. This journal contains more of a diary-type feeling...thing. If I whine too much or blah blah it's because of that >___>;;



Okita Souji is deadly love